Magpie Feeding a Chick

Magpie Breeding Season – Hold Onto Your Hat!

For the past six weeks or so, I haven’t been able to step outside the house without a sturdy hat.  Breeding magpies are very defensive, and they will dive-bomb anything they perceive to be a threat, including innocent humans. Unfortunately, their aggressive habits have driven off some of the other breeding birds, such as the Galahs.  I’ve seen them dive-bomb the Australian Wood Duck family, and shortly afterwards, found a dead duckling.  It is impossible to know if the magpie killed the duckling or if it died of natural causes, of course. However, it certainly puts me on edge when I see the magpies and ducks together.

Scattered feathers on the ground give me an insight to the other birds they chase away.

In the last few days, finally there is some respite.  The magpie chicks are out of the nest, and pestering their parents for food. The adult magpies are so occupied with finding that next morsel, and fending off junior, that they are leaving other birds (and me) alone. Yaaay!

I’m still not quite game enough to go out without my hat though.

Magpie Breeding Habits
Every day when I set out for my walk, this magpie follows me. It flies low over my head, threatening to peck me. Look at that sharp beak!
Magpie Chick Asking for Food
The Magpie chicks have fledged, and follow their parents around, begging for food.
Magpie Feeding a Chick
Finding moths and bugs in the grass, the adult Magpie feeds this hungry chick.


Magpie Feeding a Chick
 Another tasty morsel.




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