For those of you who have been following the vegetable garden and our attempts to grow our own food, I’m sorry for the long wait.  The truth is, we’ve had more failure than success over the past year.  Initially the vegetables planted in the greenhouse seemed to be doing very well. When Winter came, we closed it up to keep the air warm.  Our lack of knowledge meant the entire crop was covered in fungus from lack of air flow, so we had to pull everything out and start again.

This time, we hope we are managing the balance between temperature and airflow a bit better.

We’ve also bought a few tools to make selection of plants a little more scientific, and less pot luck.  When we initially planted seeds, we planted what we wanted to eat without considering the PH of  soil and the soil temperature.  A soil thermometer and PH measure are useful little things!

What a difference a bit of research makes!

At the time of writing, our new crop of vegetables is doing very well.  As we approach Summer, the temperature will climb, so I expect we will have new lessons to learn about temperature and airflow in the heat.  At some stage some shade cloth will need to be employed, but exactly when is something we still need to research.  If you have experience in this, we would welcome some advice on how to prevent the greenhouse from overheating, and other hidden traps for new players.

Green leaves at last!
After initial failure, our greenhouse now seems to be flourishing.
Cucumber and basil
One of the raised beds contains cucumbers, basil, Pak choy, and radish plants.
Pak Choy
The Pak Choy is fast growing and ready for use in stir fry cooking already.
We were happy to get an early start in growing our own tomatoes. All four vines have green tomatoes already. It won’t be long before they begin to flush red.
Green Beans
Outside the greenhouse, we have two green bean plants beginning to grow in another raised garden bed.
Broad Beans
We enjoyed the broad beans so much last year, we decided to plant them again in our outside vegetable patch. These are ready for harvest now.
The outside vegetable patch also has a few young zucchini plants.