I couldn’t believe my luck this morning, when our regular Eastern Grey Kangaroo allowed her joey to suckle right in front of the study window.  She just stood there for twenty minutes or so while the joey (otherwise independent)  put her mouth into the pouch for a feed.

Unfortunately, a car noise disturbed them, and with a flick of a tail they were off.   This post doesn’t need more explanation. It is all in the photographs.

Mother and Daughter
This photograph shows the white chest of the joey. This indicates it is a female.
After checking that the coast is clear, the joey puts her mouth inside the pouch and begins to feed.
The two stood in this position for about twenty minutes, occasionally checking the air for noises and smells.
The adult kangaroo hears a noise, while the joey waits.
They're Off!
The two kangaroos leap to the other side of the dam, where they grazed on grass for half an hour before blending back into the bush.