Pale Grass-Lily 2

Pale Grass-lily (Caesia parviflora)

Although the field guides I consulted describe this flower as ‘blue to lilac – rarely greenish-white” I do believe we have the greenish-white Pale Grass-Lily growing here.  Searching for white lilies that grow in the Corangamite region on the VicVeg website, I found images of the Pale Grass-Lily that were white-flowered, like ours.  Perhaps the greenish-white species is predominant in our area?

The Pale Grass-Lily flowers began appearing in November, and continued flowering into December.  The flowers are small.  Ours were between 6 mm and 10 mm but the field guide suggests they can be as large as 18 mm across.  I found then growing in a rage of places including in the bracken dominated bushland as well as the grass dominated land at the front, but there were probably more in the grassed areas than the bush areas.

Trying to photograph small flowers without a macro lens is always a challenge, but the photographs below will give you an idea of how pretty they are.

Pale Grass-Lily 2
The six lobes and long yellow-tipped stamens are typical of the shape of most lilies.
Pale Grass-Lily 1
Our Pale Grass-Lily flowers are greenish-white.

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