Early Nancy Colour

In the time we have lived here, the first Waxlip flowers have appeared somewhere between the 9th and 21st September. In my scout around the bush, still no sign of them today. Last year, the lack of rain and warmer temperatures meant Spring arrived early, and was over before I really had a chance to … Continue reading Early Nancy Colour

Autumn Wild Flower Walks (8 photos)

It is finally beginning to feel like Autumn, even though technically, it has been for a few weeks.  Over the past few days I have been noticing many familiar wild flowers beginning to grow.  This post shows a few of the plants I have come across this week. Some are just setting leaves, and will flower later … Continue reading Autumn Wild Flower Walks (8 photos)

Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior)

This year the Spring has been so dry that flowers seem to be behaving in unseasonal ways, including the Yellow Rush-lily which last Summer flowered in February.  Having noted that, I have only found one small group of plants, so perhaps they are growing in a micro-climate that suits them and the others will flower … Continue reading Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior)

Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior)

I photographed these Yellow Rush-Lily flowers at the very end of December, and they were still flowering into January.   In these hot Summer months, few flowers are in bloom, so I was ecstatic that they were so plentiful, and also that they took on a different form from many of the wild lily flowers, … Continue reading Yellow Rush-lily (Tricoryne elatior)

Pale Grass-lily (Caesia parviflora)

Although the field guides I consulted describe this flower as ‘blue to lilac – rarely greenish-white” I do believe we have the greenish-white Pale Grass-Lily growing here.  Searching for white lilies that grow in the Corangamite region on the VicVeg website, I found images of the Pale Grass-Lily that were white-flowered, like ours.  Perhaps the … Continue reading Pale Grass-lily (Caesia parviflora)

Pale Vanilla-lily: Arthropodium milleflorum

We’ve had Chocolate Lilies flowering for a few months now, so it was exciting to finally see some Pale Vanilla-Lilies.  I’ve seen photographs of the flowers in field guides, with their fluffy purple and white stamens.  They have fascinated me for months. It turns out that the flowers are actually very small.  The field guide … Continue reading Pale Vanilla-lily: Arthropodium milleflorum

Chocolate Lily (Arthropodium strictum)

The first of the Chocolate Lilies is in flower!  We had them last year, but that was before I developed an interest in native flowers. So I really didn’t take much notice of them until we were cleaning up the land for the Summer period.  In the process, a few were mown down.  I took … Continue reading Chocolate Lily (Arthropodium strictum)

Fringed beauty for a day

I can identify these beauties as a species of Fringe Lily, or Thysanotus. Most the guides I have looked at show them on graceful stems, or as a trailing climber, while our flowers seemed to be growing at ground level. When I took this photo, I intended to come back the next day and look … Continue reading Fringed beauty for a day