My Favourite Tree

My Favourite Tree

This tree is central to the view we have when we look out the window from the main rooms in the house.  Each day the light is different, and each day the fork I have photographed looks slightly different in colour.  It never fails to interest me.  I have lost count of the number of photographs I have of this tree.   A visiting family member, who paints, said spontaneously ‘What a beautiful tree that is!”  I completely agree.  I stare at it when I am thinking, when I need a break from the computer screen, when the weather turns, when I hear bird calls, and I never tire of looking at it.

This tree is also a popular sitting spot for Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Crimson Rosella, and Magpies, to name just a few of the birds I’ve photographed in it.

In the photograph below, the colours of the bark are heightened by a thunderous sky in the background.

My Favourite Tree
Depending on the light, the dominant colour of the bark seems to change. In this shot, red and grey come to the fore against the dark thunder clouds.,

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