Paperbark 07

Bird Attracting Tree

Near the house, a previous owner has planted a row of native trees that are not necessarily native to our area, but which are both beautiful and bird attracting.  Today I am going to write about the second smallest of these trees, which I am pretty sure is a Paperbark, but I can’t identify exactly which species it is.

In Spring the flower buds give the tree a red tinge before the white flowers emerge in Summer.  The open flowers attract both honeyeaters for the nectar and insectivorous birds for the insects which feed on the nectar.  Now that it is Autumn, the Cockatoos and Corellas are eating the fruit – which look very hard and nutty.

I’ve put together a photo gallery to show some of these stages. The photographs were taken over the last five or six months, with the most recent ones being taken this morning.  To see the photos full size, click on the first photograph and scroll through them in the photograph viewer.

Let me know what you think!

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