Black Anthered Flax-Lily Berries

Fruit of the Black Anthered Flax Lily

In October of last year, I posted photographs of a Dianella (the  Black Anthered Flax-lily).  After the flowers finish,  berries form on the plant.  These are strikingly beautiful and much more noticeable than the flowers.

Black Anthered Flax-Lily Berries
The blue skin of, the berries burst to reveal bright green fruit
Sculptural Form
The full bract of berries is very sculptural in form.


4 thoughts on “Fruit of the Black Anthered Flax Lily

    1. Thank you. I was looking for this plant yesterday, and of course all of the flowers and berries are gone. The long strappy leaves of the flax-lily plants are right alongside the Xanthorrhoea, and the landscape in this corner appears to be eucalypt trees with an under-story of grass-like plants. I can’t wait for Spring when they all explode into fabulously sculptural flowers and berries again. Lisa

      1. I hope you will share pictures of your beautiful spring flowers when the appear.

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