Common Bottle-daisy 1

Common Bottle-daisy (Lagenophora stipitata)

While not plentiful, we had a few Bottle-daisy plants in flower last Spring.  The photos below were taken at the end of October and mid November.

Although a native plant to this area, compared to the showy orchids,  lilies, bluebells, native pea plants and goodenia, the Bottle-daisy flowers looked quite ordinary to me.  They seemed quite weedy, with leaves similar to dandelions and other introduced species.  When I took the photos in this post, I actually thought they may be weeds, so I didn’t fuss about them very much at all.

Taking the time to look a little closer, as I try to identify them, I notice more about them than I did in Spring. The fine ruffled petals, the delicate shade of mauve, the hairy stems, and the length of those slim stems.  I wish I had taken the time to photograph the centre of the daisy more clearly, and to photograph the leaves for further proof of species identification.

When October rolls around again, I certainly won’t be taking a quick casual snap as I’m moving between orchids.  I’ll stop and try to capture the delicacy of these flowers.


Common Bottle-daisy 1
This is the clearest photograph I have showing the leaves and the centre of the flower.
Common Bottle-daisy 2
The flower in this photograph looks past its best, but the delicate colour of the petals is clear.
Common Bottle-daisy 3
While slightly out of focus, this photograph sows the length of the flower stem.

2 thoughts on “Common Bottle-daisy (Lagenophora stipitata)

    1. Hi Margaret. The book I have says they are found in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Queensland, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. The location details are pretty general. This book just states that they are most common on grasslands and woodlands. From the description, the colour can vary from mauve to white. Hope this helps. Lisa

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