Unidentified Fungi

Over the last few weeks, fungi have been showing up all over the property.  The photographs that follow are just some of the species I have found.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a name for any of them, but they are striking in their form and colour.  Some may turn out to be the same species at different stages of growth.

I’ve indicated the type of environment each of them were found beneath the photographs.

Unidentified Fungi 01
These were found in the bush section of the property on a moss-covered track leading through bracken.
Unidentified Fungi 02
This grouping was in a grassed are along the front fence.
Unidentified Fungi 03
This one was found beneath acacia trees which grow below the dam wall. Grass and heath also grows there.
Unidentified Fungi 04
This group was growing alongside a patch of Tiny Greenhoods among moss and bracken.
Snuggled up against a fallen branch, this group was on slightly drier ground.
Snuggled up against a fallen branch, this group was on slightly drier ground.



11 thoughts on “Unidentified Fungi

    1. It’s strange, in that we haven’t had all that much rain. April was wetter than May. I was reading a post from our local Field Naturalists on fungi growing despite the lack of rain. If you’re interested, the link is here They have posted some beautiful photos of fungi recently.

    1. Thanks Fabio, I hope to do a second post on fungi. Last year we had some interesting ones growing in June. Here’s hoping we have a wetter month! I hope you have a great day too! 🙂 It’s raining here! Lisa

      1. HI Lisa, Sunny afternoon in San Diego and the temperatures are getting higher. Thanks for your interesting postings! You find so many things! My impression is that 15 acres are like the universe! 🙂 Thanks so much and have a great start of the week! Tomorrow is still Sunday for us, as you know. Take care and enjoy the rain! Warmest greetings from dry San Diego! 🙂

      2. Your mention of San Diego brought back some happy memories. We were there for about a week three years ago – for a conference. Lovely city, and one day we’d like to return to have a better look around. Would you believe that San Diego is the place I bought my camera! Lisa

  1. The fungi in the second photo is a Laccaria species. This genus has species usually the same colour all over and wide spaced gills under the cap.
    The third photo is a bolete, a fungi with pores instead of gills under the cap.
    Lactarius eucalypti is a possiblity for the fouth photo.
    For indentification purposes It helps if the side and bottom view of the fungi are shown.

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