Here are a few more photographs of the fungi we have growing at the moment.

Fungi 01
A group of these delicate fungi are growing in the grass right next to the house.
Fungi 02
Growing in sandy soil along one of the tracks in the bush part of the property, this one is quite sculptural with the flukes and the peeling stem.
Fungi 03
Top view of Fungi 02.
Fungi 04
I found this one growing in leaf litter beneath some tall bracken fronds.
Fungi 05
This group of frilly edged fungi is growing on a path around the dam.
Fungi 06
Top view of Fungi 05
Fungi 07
This one is growing in grass alongside the driveway.
Fungi 08
And this one is growing in grass along the front fence.
Fungi 09
Among fallen bark, moss, and the odd weed or two I found a group of tiny white fungi. Difficult to photograph and the moss in the foreground will give an indication of size.
Fungi 10
I forget where I found this group, but we had a few of this species scattered around the place. Mostly, I think they were in grassed areas.
Fungi 11
This one was growing in a transitional area between bush and grassland.
Fungi 12
This specimen was very large – big enough to be seen from the house when it was growing on the other side of the dam. My guess is 15 cm to 20 cm across – I didn’t think to measure it at the time.
Fungi 13
Side view of Fungi 12
Fungi 14
Appearing thin and almost like a fallen petal, this fungus looks unusual. I’ve only found one example of it so far.