Pea Flowers

One of my projects this Spring is to work out how to identify the many different species of wild pea species.  I have tens of photographs of pea flowers from last Spring which I’ve been unable to identify because I didn’t photograph the leaves or the calyx well enough. Both of these features are important in distinguishing between species.

Happily, the peas are just beginning to open now.  At the moment, the one in the photograph below is still unidentified, but I hope to add it to the species list soon.  I wanted to share it now because I think they are beautiful and it is great to see some colour coming back in the wild parts of the property, as well as the cultivated gardens.

I’m sure we have a few different species of pea plants growing in the bush. This is one of the first to flower this year.



5 thoughts on “Pea Flowers

  1. The standard petal that is kidney-shaped and wider than long means it is a Dillwynia. I cannot see hairs on the calyx so it is D. glaberrima Smooth Parrot-pea. D. cinerascens Grey Parrot-peas has hairs on the calyx and seeds pods.

    Beatutiful picture.

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