Narrow-leaf Bitter-pea (Daviesia leptophylla)

Although the flowers are in among long Xanthorrhoea leaves, it is possible to see the calyx, flower and bud, along with the long Narrow-leaf Bitter-pea leaves in this photograph.

This is the first Bitter-pea I’ve noticed on the property, but it has probably been growing here in other years.  I think I have been so focused on Orchids and more showy flowers, it was easy to overlook these tiny pea flowers. Firstly, because they are so small, held on slender stems, and secondly because this plant was growing among the leafy canopy of a Xanthorrhoea, which took most of the attention.  It it weren’t for a flash of sunlight glinting off the yellow, I would have missed it this time too.  In fact (as I didn’t have my camera with me) when I returned, camera in hand, it took me a while to find it again.

I’m still learning native pea terminology, so I will only mention a few characteristics of the Narrow-leaf  Bitter-pea here.  Generally, their leaves are flat and can be up to 9 cm long – much longer than leaves on other native Pea plants. Also, the small clusters of flowers stem from the leaf axis.   These distinctions, especially those very long, narrow leaves, made it relatively easy to identify.  It’s great to add another plant to the species list!

This photograph shows the long, narrow leaves more clearly.

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