Heath Teatree (Leptospermum myrsinoides)

Beneath the flower petals, the green, yellow and red ‘cup’ called a the hypanthium, is one of the identifying parts of the Heath Teatree.

I took these Teatree photographs in September of 2013 and they have been sitting in my ‘To Identify’ folder since then.  The appearance of Teatree flowers again this Spring has prompted me to sit down and try to work out which species of Teatree we have here.  Looking at the different flowering periods and differences in colouring and leaves, we have at least two species, maybe three.

The Heath Teatree was the easiest one to identify due to the yellow and red colouring toward the top of the hypanthium, which is the green cup holding the petals.  Also, the buds and flowers have a slight pink tinge.

Heath Teatrees can grow to 2.5 m high, but ours are mostly 1.5 m or lower.  According to my field guide, they flower between August and December.  Most of ours have finished flowering for this year – probably due to the dry Spring we have had so far.

This photograph includes some flowers which have a pink tinge and also shows the leaves very well.


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