The Kookaburras have started to sit on the water feature of a morning and evening. One of the eight Australian Wood Ducklings is in the background.

We’ve been setting up a new garden  which has a water feature at the centre – just high enough to be a good vantage point for Kookaburras.  The birds have taken to sitting on the top-tier to spy insects and worms in the garden bed below.  The photograph above was taken through my study window.

I will feature the garden in a future post, to highlight the native plants we have used, but the general idea is to create a low-growing bushy garden which flowers year-round to attract honeyeaters. We didn’t anticipate attracting Kookaburras, Crimson Rosella’s and Magpies, but these are the three species which seem to have adopted the water feature, in particular.  I’m sure the smaller birds will come once the plants are high enough and in flower.