Natural Re-vegetation Around the Dam

This is a typical patch of vegetation which has sprung up on the sandy dam bank after the water level fell.

Recently, I wrote about the falling water level in the Dam.  I’ve noticed many small plants growing close to the new perimeter of the water. These have all grown naturally from seed dispersed in the air or deposited when birds and mammals go to the dam for a drink.

I thought it might be interesting to do a small survey to see what species they are.  This has proven more time consuming than I anticipated, so to get things started, I thought I would post a photo gallery now, and come back to each individual plant species in separate posts.  By all means, if you recognise a plant, please leave a comment to give me a hint!

Captions beneath each photograph in the gallery convey any information I have been able to find out about each plant.





8 thoughts on “Natural Re-vegetation Around the Dam

  1. I think it’s great you’re recording all this. Your surrounding land must be a much better source of seeds than our dam. All we have growing around on the bare ground are lots of Bathurst Burr, willow herb, couch grass. The best are native pin-rushes. Mainly horrible.

    1. Thanks- yes, we have quite a lot of natural bushland. While there are some exotic grass species and and some weeds here (capeweed, dandelions, scotch thistle) the land has never been grazed, so these weeds are not thick on the ground. Just dotted here and there. I’ll be interested to find out whether the plants I have photographed are natives or exotics, or a blend of the two. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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