In January, when almost nothing was in flower, I noticed this pretty sprig.

The original Post

In a corner of our property, an area which has been slightly disturbed by small-scale mining in the 1800’s, I found a waist-high shrub with white flowers and thorns – Bursaria (native) or Boxthorn (Exotic) I wondered.  It turned out to be Boxthorn, an introduced species which has the potential to become a weed.  So, it had to be removed.  Pity, as it was quite pretty in single shrub form.  I don’t think I would want to try to walk through a thicket of it though. Those thorns look really nasty.

We’re lucky that the weedy exotic species are concentrated at the opposite end of the property than our bushland. I hope to keep it that way.

Mel (see comment below) has informed me that it is Bursaria.

Unfortunately the plant has been removed.  We are keen to ensure that the bushland isn’t destroyed by exotic plants. However, I will endeavour to replace it.