This month, we have fungi popping out the ground all over the place, and each one seems to be a different species. Well, not quite, but there are so many different looking fungi around.   I have not yet found a good way of identifying fungi, so I have created a page which will provide a quick visual guide to the various species. A quick link appears in the menu at the top of the home page. Keep going back to check out the new photos as they won’t show up in the blog feed.  I will go back through my records and add photos from previous years as well.

To simplify the discussion, I have assigned each one a number.  Perhaps 04 is the same as 05 or maybe they are different. My hope is that people with knowledge can either point me in the direction of a good field guide or help me out by leaving comments on species they know about. Over time, I hope to build a species list for fungi as I am doing with plants and wildlife.

The feature image on this post is one I photographed yesterday. It shows what appears to be a secondary fuzzy fungus growing on and around the primary one.

A puzzle within a puzzle- with two separate fungus identifications required.