Underneath, the red colour is extremely vibrant.

It’s winter in Australia, and when taking a shortcut between two bush paths, I came across a group of beautiful red fungi.  This is only one of a number of species growing now, most of which I have documented previously.  The vibrancy and intensity of the colour marks it as different from some orangey-yellow fungi that also grow here.

At the moment I don’t have a species list for Fungi or Lichen as I have not found a good way of identifying each species. However, I do have a large catalogue of photographs taken over the last few years. My intention is to set up a visual list and hope for assistance in identifying each species.  Last year, a number of readers provided helpful information.

This year, I recognise most of the species of fungi from previous years, so this red one is the only distinctively different species I have found,  growing at the foot of an old tree.

This group of fungi were growing at the foot of a large old tree, hiding beneath bracken
top-of-red-fungus- showing-bracken
This photograph shows a close-up of the top of one specimen. The deeper red of the cap brightens toward the edge.