Tachinid Fly (Rutilia lepida)

Out for a quick walk, I didn’t take my macro lens with me.  Pity, because I came across a luminescent insect about 2cm in length, sitting on a broken acacia trunk.  Turns out it was a large parasitic fly.

According to Museum Victoria, the Tachinid Fly larvae feed on Scarab Beetle larvae.  The adults also feed on butterflies, grasshoppers and other insects, helping to control these insect populations. I saw two Tachinid Flies sitting on different parts of  the tree trunk, some of which had obvious insect burrows and marks.  Perhaps they were laying eggs, but I didn’t get that close!

The Tachinid Fly is native to Australia.

8 thoughts on “Tachinid Fly (Rutilia lepida)

      1. Yesterday I saw a massive black fly sitting on a frame over a Peach Tree so I dashed inside for my camera. When I came out it had moved slightly and as I tried to get a shot it took off. Very disappointing.

      2. Mostly I have my camera, but time to process and post is not as plentiful as it once was. I hope to get back to posting here two times a week at least. that is my 2018 goal.

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