Common Raspwort flowers

Common Raspwort (Gonocarpus tetragynus)

Sometimes it pays off to photograph plants that appear to be weeds or insignificant in appearance. These days I mostly use my phone to photograph plants, and I debated whether it would be worth trying to capture a weedy looking tendril with red dots on it. The phone had a few issues, and it is a bit blurry, but what a surprise I got when I viewed the image… one person commented that the flowers looked like tiny pink spiders, and that’s not far wide of the mark. They also resemble miniature octopus. Such different looking flowers. Bonus is the plant is a native species ‘Common Raspwort’.

Along with the flowers, another distinguishing feature is the leaves, described by Flora of Victoria website as lancelate and edged with “4 to 8 small teeth”. I guess that is where the ‘Raspwort’ comes from. While native to this area, I have only noticed this one plant.

Let me know what you think!

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