Supple Spear-grass (Austrostipa mollis)

Supple Spear-Grass (Austrostipa mollis)

Thank you to iNaturalist’s Alan Bedgegood who helped me identify this native grass as Austrostipa mollis, a type of Spear-grass. The app Grasslands: Biodiversity of South-Eastern Australia lists the common name Supple Spear-grass but VicFlora does not list a common name.

I am learning that it is necessary to include photographs of grass seeds as well as the seed heads to have a positive identification of grass species. Supple Spear-grass has hairs along the spine of the grass seed which spiral, and that is the major defining clue. Many other species of Spear-grass exist in Victoria. I’m sure we have at least one more of them on our place, but am yet to identify them.

Given I am so new to looking at grasses, I have no idea how much of the Spear-grass on our property is Austrostipa mollis. I’ve just had a confirmation that we also have Austrostipa rudis, which I will detail in another post. There may be more… stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Supple Spear-grass (Austrostipa mollis)

  1. Fifteen Acres – You don’t need to look around much to make great discoveries! Lisa, take care of yourself and thanks for taking care of the land! Best to you and yours! 🙂

    1. Thanks Fabio. I will start posting again soon. It has been a busy time for me as I’ve been studying, and other family related things. I hope you and your family are well.

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