I’m very new at identifying plants.  As a consequence it often takes time for me to research and identify the various plants I have photographed.  Over the next year, I hope to build the plant index into two lists:

  1. A month by month guide to what is in flower
  2. A list of plants by common name and botanical name

For now, I am beginning with the second list.  I’m starting this list at the end of Spring, so I have a number of Australian Terrestrial Orchids ready to go!  Native lilies, bush peas, and tea trees were also widespread, so these will be the plants I begin with.  My intention is to add at least one plant each week.

Australian Terrestrial Orchids

Australian Native Lilies

Native Shrubs and Small Trees

Other Low-Growing Native Plants

Australian Native Grasses and Groundcovers

Exotics or Weeds

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