Fifteen Acres

A small slice of paradise

Australian Native Flowers and Flowering Shrubs

Bush Pea 1

The cheerful gold and red flowers are a welcome spot of colour in a primarily green, grey and brown coloured landscape.

All of the following plants are growing  and were photographed on our property. I have many photos to add, as I can identify the species, so keep checking this page!.


Blue Stars (Chamaescilla corymbosa var. corymbosa)


Branching Bluebell (Wahlenbergia multicaulis)

Swamp Isotome (Isotoma fluviatilis subsp. australis)

Poison Lobelia (Lobelia pratioides)


Austral Brooklime (Gratiola peruviana)


Button Everlasting (Helichrysum scorpioides)

Common Bottle-daisy (Lagenophora stipitata)

Jersey Cudweed (Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum)

Yam Daisy (Microseris sp. 3) 


Trailing Goodenia (Goodenia lanata)

Guinea Flower

Erect Guinea-flower (Hibbertia riparia)

First Guinea Flowers of the Season


Common Beard-heath (Leucopogon virgatus (Labill.) R. Br)

Beard-Heath and Sundews: Sizing them up 

Common Heath (Epacris impressa)  White Flowers

Common Heath (Epacris impressa)  Deep Pink Flowers

Common Heath (Epacris impressa) Pale Pink Flowers

Cranberry Heath Astroloma humifusum


Slender Mint (Mentha diemenica)


Drooping Mistletoe (Amyema pendula)

Native Pea

Common Flat-pea (Platylobium obtusangulum)

Common Hovea (Hovea heterophylla)

Grey Parrot-pea (Dillwynia cinerascens)

Narrow-leaf Bitter-pea (Daviesia leptophylla)

Running Postman ( Kennedia prostrata R. Br.)

Smooth Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia glaberrima)

Twining Glycine (Glycine clandestina)


Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)

Pink-Bells (Tetratheca ciliata)


Prickly Starwort (Stellaria pungens)


Climbing Sundew

Climbing Sundew Flowers (Drosera macrantha)

Scented Sundew

Scented Sundew Part 2

First Scented Sundews of the Season 

Tall Sundew

Tiny Sundew (Drosera pygmaea)


Heath Teatree (Leptospermum myrsinoides)


Ivy-leaf Violet Viola hederacea sensu Willis


X is for Xanthorrhoea

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