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Ornamental Plum Blossom

We have so many eucalypts and native plants with unobtrusive flowers,  it feels fantastic when the ornamental plum tree is in full blossom.   A real burst of colour which attracts both birds and insects. This week, two Red Wattle Birds have been feeding from the blossoms every day.  I’ll post the bird photos tomorrow.  Today I wanted to look at the…



Just for the joy of the colour, here is a photograph of the Bougainvillea in our back yard.  Most of the bracts have one or two white flowers, but this one has three.  

Perfumed Blossom

Our Spring Garden

Spring is almost here, and the garden is  blooming!  In this post, I just wanted to capture the form and colour of some of the flowers in our garden.

Native Shrubs in Flower

Dotted around the property are a number of flowering native shrubs which have been planted by previous owners.  Many of these are just coming into flower, while others have interesting seed cases on display.  I have not yet researched the specific plant names, so I have just posted the images without descriptions. Enjoy the photo gallery.

Yellow rose

Our Garden Blooms

As I walk around the garden, I appreciate the care taken by previous owners in the garden design.  The cultivated garden is relatively small, with a few shrubs interspersed with annuals and perennials.  Each month we have been here, a different plant flowers.  The effect has been to frame the view differently, refocusing our attention on the colourful flowers, and…