Yellow rose

Our Garden Blooms

As I walk around the garden, I appreciate the care taken by previous owners in the garden design.  The cultivated garden is relatively small, with a few shrubs interspersed with annuals and perennials.  Each month we have been here, a different plant flowers.  The effect has been to frame the view differently, refocusing our attention on the colourful flowers, and the plants which surround it.

When we arrived, the Spring blossom was everywhere.  The fruit trees are now in full leaf, with tiny budding fruit.  Still beautiful, their green foliage now blends into the landscape. This month it is the traditional cottage garden plants which take centre stage, among them the glorious colours of roses and iris, along with the delicious perfume of jasmine and lavender.

I look forward to the Australian Native shrubs which are full of buds – they will be next.  For now, my task is to try to identify the names of our roses and iris.  Enjoy the photos.

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