Hedge Wattle (Acacia paradoxa)

Over the years we have been here, I have photographed many plants which are waiting to be identified.  I first photographed Hedge Wattle in 2013 when I spotted a spindly branch dotted with yellow flowers in front of a tree I was trying to capture.  In October 2017 I found another specimen of Hedge Wattle … Continue reading Hedge Wattle (Acacia paradoxa)

October Wild Flowers – Part 3

Thank you to KMS who left a comment on my Cranberry Heath post, including a link to the VicVeg website. What a fantastic breakthrough. This wonderful website allows me to search by flower colour, location within Victoria, and type of plant (herb, tree, shrub etc) meaning, I have finally been able to put names to … Continue reading October Wild Flowers – Part 3

A Tiny Native Orchid

We have been trying to identify some of the small birds which hide in the undergrowth and treetops.   Among the methods we use is to sit in the bush listening for their calls.  Yesterday, while doing this, Richard spotted our first Autumn Native Orchid.   So far I have not been able to identify it precisely, … Continue reading A Tiny Native Orchid