Supple Spear-grass (Austrostipa mollis)

Thank you to iNaturalist’s Alan Bedgegood who helped me identify this native grass as Austrostipa mollis, a type of Spear-grass. The app Grasslands: Biodiversity of South-Eastern Australia lists the common name Supple Spear-grass but VicFlora does not list a common name. I am learning that it is necessary to include photographs of grass seeds as … Continue reading Supple Spear-grass (Austrostipa mollis)

Tall Saw-sedge (Gahnia clarkei)

Below the dam wall grows a large patch of a wild, long, wind-blown, grass-like plant with large black-brown seed heads.  It’s intimidating in some ways – the perfect hide-out for snakes and other creatures I’d rather avoid.   I walk around it, and never through it.  Always, it grabs my attention because there is something … Continue reading Tall Saw-sedge (Gahnia clarkei)