Pale Vanilla Lily – White?

Happy New Year to you! On this first day of 2017, the cold and damp weather is still with us. A few days ago, we were complaining about being too hot, and now we’re cold again.  One positive of the cool weather is the prolonged flowering season.  In particular, the Pale Vanilla Lily (Arthropodium milleflorum) … Continue reading Pale Vanilla Lily – White?

Pale Vanilla-lily: Arthropodium milleflorum

We’ve had Chocolate Lilies flowering for a few months now, so it was exciting to finally see some Pale Vanilla-Lilies.  I’ve seen photographs of the flowers in field guides, with their fluffy purple and white stamens.  They have fascinated me for months. It turns out that the flowers are actually very small.  The field guide … Continue reading Pale Vanilla-lily: Arthropodium milleflorum