Grey Parrot-pea (Dillwynia cinerascens)

Continuing my quest to work out the difference between all of the native pea plants growing in our bushland, my best guess is this one is a Grey Parrot-pea.   From my reading, they have clusters of up to ten flowers, which are ‘sessile’ or  appearing to be without a stem.  The leaves are long … Continue reading Grey Parrot-pea (Dillwynia cinerascens)

Smooth Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia glaberrima)

Last week I posted a photograph of an unidentified pea flower, which was subsequently identified by John as a Smooth Parrot-pea (Dillwynia glaberrima). As John mentioned in his comment, Dillwynia species of plants have a few distinguishing characteristics, and once I was alerted to these, I couldn’t resist looking up the Smooth Parrot-pea in Enid Mayfield’s … Continue reading Smooth Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia glaberrima)

Calling all Australian Native Pea Experts…. Help!

I took this photograph in October, and ever since then I have been trying to identify the species.  I can’t see a flower that looks exactly like this one, with the long elegant lower lobes and the clear red which shows between them.   My best guess, due to the cluster shape and the leaves, … Continue reading Calling all Australian Native Pea Experts…. Help!

Bushy Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia ramosissima)

Identifying Australian Native pea flowers is very difficult. I have many photographs of flowers that look slightly different, and I have spent days trying to work out whether they are the same species or different species.  In my search I have discovered that there are many different species of Bush-pea, Bitter-pea, Parrot-pea, Wedge-pea, Flat-pea and … Continue reading Bushy Parrot-Pea (Dillwynia ramosissima)

Native Pea Flowers

In one vibrant corner of our bush we have Waxlip Orchids, Pink Eyes (coming soon!) and this glorious shrub covered in gold and red flowers.  So many of our native shrubs have flowers of this colour and shape, and my head is spinning from trying to identify this one correctly.  I believe it is probably … Continue reading Native Pea Flowers