October Plant 24

Calling all Australian Native Pea Experts…. Help!

I took this photograph in October, and ever since then I have been trying to identify the species.  I can’t see a flower that looks exactly like this one, with the long elegant lower lobes and the clear red which shows between them.   My best guess, due to the cluster shape and the leaves, is Pultenaea paleacea (Chaffy Bush-pea) but I can’t find any clear photos of the flowers to compare it with.  The best image I have found so far is this one from the Australian Plant Image Index   As the flowers are not open in this image, it is impossible to tell.

If you can help to identify this plant species, it would make me so happy!  It is the most beautiful pea-flower we have on our property.

October Plant 24
Can you identify the species of the this Australian Native Pea flower?


Let me know what you think!

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