Pink-Bells (Tetratheca ciliata)

A relative of the Black-Eyed Susan, which  grows in New South Wales, the Pink-Bells flower is very beautiful.   Usually blooming in Spring, the couple of flowers I photographed were very early.  I wasn’t the only one who liked them.  When I went back today to check on their progress, I noticed they had been … Continue reading Pink-Bells (Tetratheca ciliata)

Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)

The last two weeks have flown by in a whirl, and I realise I have missed last week’s plant species, so this week I will post a couple. The first is Pink Eye, a relative of the Black-Eyed Susan flower.  While the flowers of the two plant species may look similar, the leaves are different. … Continue reading Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)