Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)

Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)

The last two weeks have flown by in a whirl, and I realise I have missed last week’s plant species, so this week I will post a couple.

The first is Pink Eye, a relative of the Black-Eyed Susan flower.  While the flowers of the two plant species may look similar, the leaves are different.  Ultimately, location is a good way of distinguishing them.  According to ‘Cronin’s  Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers’ the Pink Eye species is found in Central Victoria and a few species of Black Eyed Susan found in the Central New South Wales area.  For location reasons, I am confident we have the Pink Eye species.

We only had a couple of small plants in one corner of the property, but it was impossible to miss those bright pink flowers. Compared with many other Australian Native flowers, they were also reasonably sized.  The flowers have four petals which open out over time. In the centre of the flower is a purplish-brown coloured spot, hence their name.

Photographed in early Spring, the Pink Eye brought a wonderful blaze of colour to a green landscape.  Shortly after, the Bush-Pea began flowering close by, making a spectacular native flower display.

Pink Eye (Tetratheca Ciliata)
The clear pink of these flowers is hard to miss! The purplish brown centre’s can be seen too.
Pink Eye Flowers
The flowers on this stem are at varying stages, with some at the top slightly open.



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