Yam Daisy (Microseris sp. 3)

There is so much in flower at the moment, I could have chosen many different native flowers to write about – but the Yam Daisy  is one that should have been included in the A – Z Species list  last year.  When I saw it in flower again, I thought it was high time to dedicate … Continue reading Yam Daisy (Microseris sp. 3)

Wood-sorrel: Exotic or Native?

I’ve discovered there are two species of yellow flowering Wood-Sorrel (Oxalis) which look very similar, and are often confused.  One is native to Australia, the other is an exotic (weed) originally from South Africa. Looking at the flowers of both species, I believe this could be the Australian native plant Grassland Wood-sorrel (Oxalis perennans).  Can anyone … Continue reading Wood-sorrel: Exotic or Native?

First Guinea Flowers of the Season

The first Guinea Flowers of the season are beginning to open.   Looking at the leaves, as well as the flowers, as far as I can tell these are the Erect Guinea Flower (Hibbertia riparia).  However, according to my field guides, the Erect Guinea Flower begins flowering in  September.  So I will check a few other sources … Continue reading First Guinea Flowers of the Season