First Guinea Flowers of the Season

The first Guinea Flowers of the season are beginning to open.   Looking at the leaves, as well as the flowers, as far as I can tell these are the Erect Guinea Flower (Hibbertia riparia).  However, according to my field guides, the Erect Guinea Flower begins flowering in  September.  So I will check a few other sources before claiming that it actually is the Erect Guinea Flower.  Other possibilities I’ve considered include  the Spreading Guinea Flower (Hibbertia procumbens) and the Bundled Guinea Flower (Hibbertia fasciculata).   All three species are supposed to flower in Spring, so whatever it is, I do think it is flowering out of season.

The plants I have found are all under 45 cm tall, with most plants being less than 30 cm.  So far, each plant only has one or two flowers open, but all of them have many buds at various stages of growth.  In a week or two, they will be covered in flowers. From my observation, the flower buds are all at the end of the branched stems.

The beautiful clear yellow of the Guinea Flower is very welcome in Winter, when there are not many colourful blooms.

I think this is the Erect Guinea Flower, which is not supposed to flower until September.


7 thoughts on “First Guinea Flowers of the Season

  1. Hi Lisa, This is a beautiful flower and, I am sure, it will add much color to 15 Acres during the winter season. The clear yellow is so gentle – it is a flower with a lot of personality! Thanks much for sharing it and have a great evening! Take care! 🙂

  2. ID correct – it is Hibbertia riparia. Certainly flowering early. References I checked say Spring/Summer.

  3. yesterday i saw a local Hibbertia in Perth flowering. they make such a pretty glow on a winter’s day

    1. That’s interesting. Is your varietal flowering out of season as well? They’re beautiful flowers, so cheerful on a grey day like today! Thanks Clare. 🙂 Lisa

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