Crimson Rosella in flight

Crimson Rosella

We are lucky to have a small population of  Crimson Rosella living on our property.  They, along with the Galah’s, have been constant visitors to our bird feeder ever since we moved in.  First to notice that we have put out seeds each day, they live in the trees near the house.  When feeding, they chatter to themselves like budgerigars, but in the trees, calling to each other, they have a beautifully clear bell-like voice.

The mature bird, with brilliant crimson body, blue wings and tail is spectacularly plumed.  Immature Crimson Rosella are primarily green and blue, and as they mature, the crimson feathers are revealed.  In between, they can look quite motley.  When feeding, the immature birds are the lowest of the pecking order, being moved away from the food by every adult bird.  They are incredibly persisent though, and manage to get their share in the end.

These photos have been taken at various times over the past four months.  If you receive this post as an email, please click on the blog to see the full gallery sized photos.

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