Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

At last we have seen an Eastern Rosella!  The Crimson Rosella is a common species on our property (we see them every day) but it’s surprising that other common species of parrot aren’t more visible.  These birds were extremely shy, taking off at the first sign of movement. We saw them from a distance twice more on the day, but have not seen them since. Hopefully they are still around – I’d like to have the opportunity of photographing their markings more clearly. 

The male bird is shown in the photograph below.  He has a similarly coloured red/crimson head to the Crimson Rosella,  but there are a few distinguishing markings. These include  the white cheek patches, yellow back, with a more mottled appearance than the Crimson Rosella.

Eastern Rosella
A male Eastern Rosella – fleetingly on the lawn.

  Females are paler in colour than the male, as seen in the photograph below. 

Eastern Rosella Pair
The female Eastern Rosella is paler than the male.

On one occasion we witnessed Crimson Rosellas chasing the Eastern Rosellas away, so perhaps that explains the lack of sightings.  Whatever the case, I’m glad I can finally add this bird to the species list


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