Eastern Froglet

Eastern Froglet

We’ve had more encounters with frogs this week than we have in the entire time we’ve lived here. They must be beginning to emerge after the hot Summer weather.  Each time we have a small rain shower, the number of frogs ‘singing’ seems to increase!

We found this little fellow in a patch of long green grass growing over the septic tank outlet.  Now that the kangaroos have stopped coming near the house, we decided to mow it.  Luckily the froglet jumped clear of the lawn mower!  As it looked like a species we had not yet seen,  we took the opportunity to photograph it.  Eastern Froglets can grow as large as 30mm, but this little one was only half that size. Possibly smaller.

These frogs are ground dwellers, living beneath logs, or vegetation. We released him near where we found him, in some slightly longer grass.

Eastern Froglet
The Eastern Froglet markings can be seen clearly in this photograph
Eastern Froglet
A side view shows its horizontal pupil and a glimpse of the paler underside.
Eastern Froglet
This photo is not as clear as it might be, but the size of the Eastern Froglet can be seen here. It was probably about 15mm from nose to tail.

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