Frog Spawn

The Banjo Frogs were calling loudly from the dam in the middle of October.  A day or two later, lots of frog spawn appeared on the surface of the water.  I am guessing we will have a healthy population of Banjo Frogs next year. While I have not seen tadpoles in the dam in previous … Continue reading Frog Spawn

A Better View: Southern Brown Tree Frog

I’ve photographed the Southern Brown Tree Frog before, once under some carpet we were using to clear weeds, and once clinging to the wire door at night to catch insects.  This one was in a new garden bed we were creating.  It’s interesting that they seem attracted to areas where there is human activity. I … Continue reading A Better View: Southern Brown Tree Frog

Eastern Froglet

We’ve had more encounters with frogs this week than we have in the entire time we’ve lived here. They must be beginning to emerge after the hot Summer weather.  Each time we have a small rain shower, the number of frogs ‘singing’ seems to increase! We found this little fellow in a patch of long … Continue reading Eastern Froglet

Spotted Grass Frog / Spotted Marsh Frog

We’ve seen these small frogs in our back garden on a number of occasions.  The distinctive yellow stripe down their back makes them easily identifiable.  This one has a bit of a kink in the stripe, but most have a fairly straight line from nose to tail. As you would expect, we see more of … Continue reading Spotted Grass Frog / Spotted Marsh Frog

Curious Frogs

Tonight while we were watching TV, we wondered what the cats were looking at outside the window.  Investigating further, we saw two small Southern Brown Tree Frogs clinging onto the wire door.  Maybe they were attracted to the lights, or maybe they were after the insects which were attracted to the lights.  Either way, we … Continue reading Curious Frogs

Southern Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingi)

We had a roll of old carpet outside near the shed.  Its intended use is as weed matting beneath the raised garden beds that will be set up in the greenhouse.  Preparing for this, we unrolled the carpet to cut it to size, only to find a few frogs had made it their home. I’ve … Continue reading Southern Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingi)