Golden Whistler 4

Immature Golden Whistler? Identify this bird if you can!

On a calm day last week, many small birds were calling from the treetops, and I could identify where they were sitting from the rustling noises they made when they moved.

I took many photos of one small bird which was hopping around the trunk of a tree at the point where the bark peeled away.  However, after a week of looking through field guides, I’m still not 100% sure what it is.  Initially, we thought it might be a Jacky Winter, but it lacks the distinctive white-edged tail feathers.   Eliminating birds which are not found in Central Victoria, and eliminating birds which have red eyes or distinctive head markings, I am left with the possibility it may be an immature Golden Whistler.  (Adult Golden Whistlers have at least a little yellow on their body – the female at the base of the belly, and the male being highly distinctive with a black head and bright yellow band around the nape of the neck and all over the underside of the bird.)

If you know your bird species, I would dearly love to have confirmation of this, or an alternative suggestion.

Golden Whistler 1
The underside of the bird appears to be unbroken pale grey or buff coloured, with deeper toning at the base of the belly.
Golden Whistler 2
The bird has black eyes, and no prominent head or body markings
Golden Whistler 3
This photos shows a slight tan/brown toning on the shoulders.
Golden Whistler 4
The grey tail feathers and brown/grey wings can be seen here.

Two nights ago, I set out to take photos of a beautiful sunset, and came across the same bird (or a similar one) again.  In the golden light, it still seemed to be primarily buff coloured on the underside, and grey/brown on its upper side.

Golden Whistler 5
This bird still looks to be buff and brown/grey coloured, even in the golden glow of the setting sun.
Golden Whistler 6
On each occasion I have seen this bird, I think it was alone. I didn’t notice a second bird hovering in the background.



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