Australian Wood Duck

Return of the Australian Wood Duck!

After what seems like a long absence, we are beginning to see Australian Wood Duck again.  The family of thirteen has not returned as a group – maybe because the ducklings are making their own way in the world. Or perhaps  (horrendous thought) because of duck season.  Maybe some of the ducks have found new lakes and dams with better food.  Anyway, it makes me happy to see ducks in groups of two, four, six – we’ve had as many as ten.  They fly in and land on the water, then swim to shore to find food in the grass and undergrowth.  Lately they arrive early in the morning, stay for an hour or two, then fly off to feed somewhere else.

Australian Wood Duck
The ducks seem to stop and soak up the sun for a few minutes after they arrive. Then they walk up the bank to the grass and begin to look for food.


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