Beard-Heath and Sundews: Sizing them up

I’ve been trying to think of a clever way of showing the size of the beard-heath flowers, but in the end I resorted to a ruler. At least it is then a precise measurement rather than an approximation of size. The most tricky part was to position the ruler where it was visible, but not squashing the flower.  In addition to the Common Beard-Heath, I’ve also photographed the size of the Climbing Sundew flower and the Scented Sunder flower.

Common Beard-Heath
The fluffy edges of the petals are clear in this photograph
Common Beard-Heath Cluster
Even as a cluster, the flowers are hard to see, but in a photograph create a beautiful display against the fallen branch.
At the widest part, this flower is 5mm. That’s tiny!
Climbing Sundew
The climbing Sundew’s are just starting to flower. I think we have some Pale or Tall Sundews as well – time will tell. I’ll have to wait unto the flowers open.
Scented Sundews
We still see Scented Sundews popping up here and there. I found these two on my way to the letterbox.


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