Climbing Sundew Flowers (Drosera macrantha)

I’ve posted a few photographs of the Climbing Sundew plant, including macro images of the amazing pod-like leaves, with their red, sticky hairs poised to capture insects.  This week, the flowers have emerged.  The swollen, hairy buds almost look like Poppy buds.  The flower itself looks similar to the Scented Sundew flower, with the surprising addition … Continue reading Climbing Sundew Flowers (Drosera macrantha)

Beard-Heath and Sundews: Sizing them up

I’ve been trying to think of a clever way of showing the size of the beard-heath flowers, but in the end I resorted to a ruler. At least it is then a precise measurement rather than an approximation of size. The most tricky part was to position the ruler where it was visible, but not … Continue reading Beard-Heath and Sundews: Sizing them up

Climbing Sundew Drosera macrantha Endl.

On Saturday, I posted two photos of the Scented Sundew an insectivorous plant.  I took these photos late in the afternoon, when the light was not good. They were quick photos, for identification of the flower. Heading back out on Sunday, in better light and with the aim of taking better photos, I discovered they were … Continue reading Climbing Sundew Drosera macrantha Endl.