Swamp Wallaby

Guess who’s been eating the wildflowers!

Often when I’m walking around, I see flowering bushland plants bitten off low to the ground.  This is often frustrating when I have been waiting for a flower bud to open. I check daily, and just when the bud is about to burst, I head back the next day full of anticipation of what the flower may look like – only to find that it’s no longer there. Aside from the odd Sundew flower, the Eastern Grey Kangaroos seem to prefer eating grass, but I know the Swamp Wallabies do like shrubs.

We have not seen a Swamp Wallaby for some months, but from the plentiful droppings and broken branches on our shrubs, we know they have been here all along.  This morning we caught sight of this very well-fed ‘Swampie” and we think we know where all of the wildflowers have gone.  It is VERY rounded.

Swamp Wallaby
I’m not sure if this Swamp Wallaby is male or female, but there is no obvious sign of a pouch. So, I think it is very well fed, rather than carrying a joey.
Swamp Wallaby
Compare this Swamp Wallaby size and shape to the Eastern Grey Kangaroos. The build is so very different.

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