Independent joey


The Eastern Grey Kangaroos were back again this week, after an absence of a month or two.  On the weekend a male and female made a brief appearance en-route to the back of the property, and this morning we had a group of four: two males, a female, and the joey, which is now independent.  Tonight, two males and a female. We think they were a different group than we saw this morning. If not, we didn’t sight the joey.

Here are a few photographs I took this morning as the group grazed on the grass near the dam.  I never tire of  watching kangaroos. They exude a feeling of calmness and reassurance that everything is right with the world.

Independent joey
This male Kangaroo kept very close to the female and her joey, while the second male grazed away from them. Male kangaroos are very strong, and I don’t think I’d like to get in the way of this one!
We’ve had quite a wet Spring, which is welcome. This means the grass is still fresh and green in the weeks leading up to Summer.
Independent Joey
While small, the joey seems to be quite confident. After I took this photo, it hopped halfway around the dam on its own, and did not appear to be anxious about rejoining the other three.

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