Three Young Males: Coming home?

I believe the paler kangaroo on the right of the frame could be ‘Junior’.

As if in answer to my question ‘What happened to Junior’,  three young male Eastern Grey Kangaroos wandered through the property two nights ago.  Comparing photographs, I think one of them was ‘Junior’ the elder of the two joeys our resident female kangaroo raised here.  While I can’t be 100% sure it’s him, the light patch above his nose, the size and stage of growth, along with general lighter colour all match up.  If you want to compare, this is a good photo to use as a reference.

Given the darker colour of the other two young males, I suspect they could be from the mob which recently ranged through our place. The dominant male in that mob was very dark.

Looking back through my posts, ‘Junior’ was living outside the pouch in November 2013, and first emerged for short times from August 2013.  According to my field guide, joeys come out for short periods from the age of four months, and remain outside the pouch when they are around 11 months old.  I think this would make Junior almost two years old.  Male kangaroos range widely searching for females, and territory.  I guess it makes sense that ‘Junior’ would range through the territory he grew up in.

Let me know what you think!

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