I’ve been so focused on finding Australian Terrestrial Orchids over Spring that I haven’t really been looking out for new bird species.  Yesterday, I was still hunting for flowers when a bird landed on a nearby tree. Its habit of climbing up and around the tree trunk looking for insects alerted me to the possibility of it being a treecreeper, so  took a few photographs… and yes, it is a White-Throated Treecreeper.  The markings show it to be an immature female bird.  The captions on the photographs that follow outline how to identify this bird.

White-Throated Treecreepe
The small chestnut coloured patch on the cheek shows the bird is a female.
White-Throated Treecreeperr
A darker chestnut-brown rump (just under the wingtips) shows that the bird is immature. In adult birds, the rump is the same colour as the back.
White-Throated Treecreeper
In this photograph the cheek patch and rump can both be seen clearly
White-Throated Treecreeper
The feathers on the side and belly of the bird are an olive colour heavily streaked with black and white.