Bronze Caladenia 1

Western Bronzehood Orchid (Caladenia iridescens)

Commonly referred to as a Bronze Caladenia, this tiny orchid is difficult to spot.  It really blends into the background!   However, we were lucky enough to find a couple that were  flowering toward the end of October.  According to David L Jones “Native Orchids of Australia” the blooms only last  from  two to five days.  It is a matter of looking in the right place at the right time, and I guess this is where it pays off that I walk around the same ground every day,  looking for new flowers.

Bronze Caladenia 1
A newly opened bud
Bronze Caladenia 2
The colour variations can be clearly seen in this photograph.
Bronze Caladenia 3
According to David L Jones, between one and four flowers can appear on a single plant.
Bronze Caladenia 4
The bronze tones which give the orchid its name can be seen here.
Bronze Caladenia 5
The Bronze Caladenia can grow up to 25 cm tall, but I think ours were a bit smaller than that. I didn’t measure them, but I would guess between 15 and 20 cm.


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