As my Fifteen Acres blog grows and changes, I’ve been thinking more about its central themes.  I’ve settled on a couple of rules which shape my posts:

  1. Everything I write about happens on our fifteen acres of mostly bushland
  2. Through photographs and my thoughts, I’ll try to show you what I found interesting or unusual.

Broad in scope, these guidelines enable me to discuss many things – birds, plants, landscape, photography, art, self-sufficiency, gardening, food production,  and so on. Over time, Fifteen Acres has taken on a certain style, which I enjoy and want to maintain.  I’ve also been compiling a list of things I would like to be able to do:

  • Highlight other blogs and websites
  • Post quick updates on topics I’ve already written about
  • Provide a place for readers to tell me what is happening in their back yard
  • Engage in discussions about species, self-sufficiency methods, etc

As an experiment, I’ve set up a Fifteen Acres Facebook fan page to see how this might work.  It is very much in its infancy, but if you take a look you will find a few items that don’t fit the blog format, along with recent blog posts.  If you use Facebook,  please click  ‘Like’ on the Facebook page to follow it, or leave a comment below on things you would like to see more of on the Fifteen Acres blog or the Facebook page.   I would love to know your thoughts. Fifteen Acres is also on Twitter @FifteenAcres.