Taunting the Photographer

Good photographers make us look more closely at things we may never have considered before.  They have an artist’s eye for subtle differences in light, colour, form and texture, and they’re able to frame their shots in a way that pose a question, or highlight a detail. When I first bought a good camera, I thought … Continue reading Taunting the Photographer

Begining the Discussion: A Facebook Experiment

As my Fifteen Acres blog grows and changes, I’ve been thinking more about its central themes.  I’ve settled on a couple of rules which shape my posts: Everything I write about happens on our fifteen acres of mostly bushland Through photographs and my thoughts, I’ll try to show you what I found interesting or unusual. … Continue reading Begining the Discussion: A Facebook Experiment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Momentarily Glorious

Momentarily Glorious … I wonder at the promise of a parched sandy landscape and one tiny orchid leaf waiting for rain to unfurl sensuous silken blooms … the fleeting moments of a violet sky calling corella flocks to roost somewhere other than here trailing sounds of raucous joy from North to South then silence until … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Momentarily Glorious

Rainclouds through Sunshine

I’ve always been drawn to images which show a hillside, or a tree, in full sunlight with dark, threatening clouds in the background. There is something in the combination of bright green and thunderous grey that appeals to my sense of colour.  The vivid contrast of sunshine and darkness  is also a metaphor for life, … Continue reading Rainclouds through Sunshine

A large fast-moving grass fire…

Intellectually, I’ve known that life-changing events can happen almost randomly.  This idea became a crushingly clear reality over the last two days after a large grass fire swept through our area, burning at least 16 houses and 18 out-buildings to the ground.  The fire took hold some 500 metres or so away, on land across the … Continue reading A large fast-moving grass fire…